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Kickstarting Careers and Inspiring Success

We do everything we can to help candidates find suitable temp roles in their chosen sectors.

Your Career is in Safe Hands

Some of the people we help are searching for a temporary role as they wait for a permanent role to begin. Others want the flexibility that comes from fixed-term contracts. And some want the opportunity to gain experience in a particular sector to earn a full-time position in the future.

We specialise in temporary staffing, so you’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a fixed-term contract or a temp role. But where we differ from other recruitment specialists is in our genuine desire to help candidates get on in life.

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Whatever your reasons for seeking temporary work, we’re on your side. When you succeed, we succeed. We fill temporary positions for our clients and help the people of Ireland to advance their careers. 

Take a look at our jobs board to find the latest vacancies in your sector.

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Candidate Services

We work closely with candidates in a number of ways, including:

CV Evaluations and Guidance

Let us meticulously review your CV. We’ll assess it for errors, relevance, detail and quality. Our detailed understanding of what employers seek from a temporary worker can improve your chances of creating a lasting impression in the job market.

Skills Alignment

Uncertain about which job opportunities align with your qualifications and skills? Trust us to evaluate your experience, abilities and qualifications. We’ll work with you to steer you in the right direction for a long and productive career.

Career Counselling

If you have a clear career goal but are unsure about the steps to reach it, our team of experts can provide tailored advice to improve your chances of success in your desired role.

Interview Coaching

Our comprehensive interview coaching will equip you to tackle even the most challenging questions, ensuring you're well-prepared for even the toughest interviewers and assessments.

Feedback and Mentoring

We believe that every job application experience — even the most spectacular failures — offers valuable lessons. Whenever possible, we will provide feedback on unsuccessful applications to enhance your chances of finally securing the job you want.


  • We are delighted to express our satisfaction with Dangan Group’s support and professionalism. In the two years of working with Dangan group we have experienced a high level of attention and dedication tailored to our needs. They are always ready to help and provide us with his skills and expertise in finding the right candidates. We highly value our partnership Dangan Group.
  • We have been working with DGR for almost a year now and Alan in the Munster branch has been the lead recruitment consultant with us from day one. He very quickly understood our culture and values and what we were looking for in potential candidates, and has been outstanding in his approach in finding them. He has been honest, resourceful, reliable and genuinely cares about sending us the right candidates and not just ticking a box. Before I met with Alan I was working with 2 other recruitment agencies but due to Alan's commitment and success rate I now only use DGR. I would 100% recommend Dangan Group for any recruitment needs.
  • We are extremely pleased with the exceptional services provided by the DGR team in our ongoing recruitment efforts for General and Warehouse Operatives. We have been working closely with Dangan for 4+ years now and the Dangan Team demonstrate a keen ability to listen and thoroughly understand our specific needs, presenting us with candidates that are closely aligned with our requirements.
  • Dangan Group provide us with a hassle-free service. The standard of their work and staff are of the highest calibre. We have been able to consolidate all our staffing requirements into one weekly invoice resulting in cost-saving and reduced administration time for our accounts and administration staff.
  • I absolutely wouldn't hesitate to recommend Dangan. We have found them to be completely professional in all aspects of their work. Their service levels and exceptional and regularly go the extra mile to make my job easier!

We’re Here to Help You Secure Your Ideal Job

Whether you’re searching for a fixed-term contract or a temp position, we’re here to help you find the perfect opportunity. Working across several sectors, we have positions for every imaginable skill set and experience level. To find out more, check out our 'Jobs' page or contact us for a chat.




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